Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU)

I worked for the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU) from 1999 to 2015. There were so many creatively enriching projects I was in connection with when I worked there. I enjoyed transitioning between digital and print media working on Black and Indigenous people of colour projects such as the annual Graduation Pow Wow, Round Dances and  Black history Month. I was involved in creating the posters, printing and distributing posters, digital content and most of the time photographing those events. 

One of the most creatively challenging projects was The Season of Caring is a campus wide initiative that started in 1987 under the original name ‘The Christmas Project’ and its aim was to raise food donations for the CIFB during December. Over the years, the program has changed, grown and adapted to the changing needs in the community.

In the 25th year we embraced the history of the program graphically. The three programs, Wish Tree, Candy Canes for Pocket Change and the Holiday Gift Hamper were given a classic seasonal makeover using red, green and gold for the gifts and the candy canes. White and blue were for the snow and decorations imagery.

On the 26th year, we changed the focus more to the core student audience. The adopt a student part of the program was put front and centre. I had to graphically promote two sides: support a stressed out student in need and direct students who need support to apply for a gift hamper. Using a sweater as the main motif, I drew on elements of warmth, comfort and security of the penguin in the pocket for the support posters. In the Gift hamper poster, I turned it around, frayed the sweater pocket and showed the penguin falling out of it to portray the penguin was at the end of it’s rope needing a helping hand.

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  • Date June 23, 2021
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